Terms of Service


  • Before appointment, please shut doors/windows, clear work areas, restrain outdoor pets, and familiarize yourself with property damage.
  • Upon arrival EnviroClean technicians, will record and or document any damage before executing the agreed upon services (weather permitting).
  • EnviroClean cannot be responsible for uncovering preexisting damage, damage that stems from neglect or low quality materials, or damage to personal property that was not adequately secured before scheduled service.
  • If damage occurs by negligence, misconduct, or operator error, EnviroClean is fully insured.
  • EnviroClean recommends using property’s breaker box to shut off power to outdoor electrical outlets and lights, watering plants/grass, and remove window screens.
  • Pictures and video recorded at the property may be used for advertisement, however address and all personal information will be absent.
  • By accepting a proposal or by contracting EnviroClean, Client agrees to these terms and acknowledges these terms have been received.


Client agrees to allow EnviroClean on the property to estimate, document, record, measure, provide services, and follow up. Before the scheduled appointment, Client agrees to move plants, furniture, vehicles, tools, clutter, decorations and etc. from underneath covered porches (if applicable) and off concrete surfaces (if applicable). While on property, Client agrees to allow EnviroClean access to water via working, accessible spigots.


IF CLIENT IS NOT HOME OR IF HOME IS EMPTY, then Client agrees to allow access to any fenced in yard by either leaving it unlocked or providing a key. While EnviroClean is on property, any outdoor pets must be inside or restrained for the entire appointment. If Client is not home and plants, furniture, vehicles, tools, clutter, or decorations remain, EnviroClean will cover items when possible, move items if safe (EnviroClean can not be responsible for damages caused by moving Client property).



Power washing uses pressurized water and caustic chemicals to clean difficult stains off of exterior surfaces. Utilizing this pressure provides the best clean possible; however operating at such pressure can cause damage. EnviroClean technicians are well trained in utilizing their equipment and take the utmost precautions to ensure EnviroClean does not cause harm to your property. Although high pressure is not used on residential siding, damage can still occur due to maintenance, neglect, and/or low grade building materials. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that their property has been maintained and any defects or areas of concern are repaired prior to washing. EnviroClean will record and document any damage visible during initial walk through. However, organic stains may be disguising damage or discolorations, and EnviroClean can not be responsible for uncovering such damage. The Client assumes all of these risks and takes responsibility for any damage that occurs due to the above explanations.


On the date of service, an EnviroClean technician will walk around the property and document video examination of pre-existing damage. This document is not all encompassing, as new damage can become apparent while the surfaces are being cleaned. When new damage is found, our technicians will cease all cleaning efforts until the Client can see the damage and acknowledge its existence.


  • EnviroClean is not responsible for water intrusion. While every effort is made to prevent this from happening, bad seals around windows and doors and cracks in concrete foundations can make this unavoidable.
  • EnviroClean is not responsible for the rare “fogging” effect that happens to multi pane windows with bad seals.
  • EnviroClean is not responsible for worsened oxidation on vinyl siding. All original oxidation will be documented and the Client will be made aware beforehand.
  • EnviroClean is not responsible for uncovering preexisting damage.
  • This agreement to provide services is in no way a guarantee that stains will be removed completely. EnviroClean does strive for a 100% customer satisfaction, and will work with Client when this does not occur.
  • EnviroClean is not responsible for discoloration on wood accents, decorations, posts, fences, decks, etc. due to maintenance, neglect, or quality of wood, stain, or sealer.
  • EnviroClean is not responsible for weep hole drip marks that occur after appointment is complete.
  • Notify EnviroClean if there are any surfaces on or near the home that cannot have any form of detergent on them. If EnviroClean is not notified of this, EnviroClean is not responsible for any ill effects to any surfaces regarding this matter.



  1. Please have a water spigot activated and accessible
  2. Please have all windows & doors shut tightly.
  3. Please have all pets inside and gates unlocked/accessible.
  4. Clear the work areas of all items and remove all flags, decorations, doormats, vehicles, or sensitive materials from the areas being washed.


EnviroClean suggests the Client utilize their property’s breaker box to shut off power to any and all exterior outlets, light fixtures, or any other electrically powered features. This is especially important to outlets that are not covered. It is recommended that the Client water his/her plants, foliage, flowers, grass, etc. thoroughly and regularly. Also, removing any window screens will allow EnviroClean to thoroughly clean windowsills. Removal of these screens will also allow for even distribution of detergent and streak-free drying.



EnviroClean shall only be obligated under this Contract for structural damages which are a direct result of operator error, gross negligence, or willful misconduct. Damages must be discovered and reported within 3 calendar days of completion. EnviroClean shall have sole option of repairing or contracting repair work to correcting any structural damages that are a direct result of EnviroClean.



Full Payment is due on day of service.

EnviroClean reserves the right to attach a mechanic’s lien against a homeowner’s property for non-payment.



By accepting a bid or by contracting EnviroClean to complete work, the Client agrees that all the specifications and conditions are satisfactory and hereby accepted. You authorize EnviroClean Pro Services LLC to do the work as specified on the estimate form. You release EnviroClean Pro Services LLC from property damage liability unless damage is caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct. EnviroClean Pro Services LLC is not responsible for damage to, but not limited to, loose siding, windows, paint, wood trim, etc. Any damages due to any of the above are the responsibility of the Client.