Covid-19 Sanitization


With new strains of the Coronavirus spreading to our area it’s more important than ever to keep your home or business sanitized! Our method is 99.5% effective results against Covid, bacteria and more!

COVID-19 has hit every community hard. Businesses, medical facilities, restaurants, schools, and other buildings need to keep working with the public during the coronavirus pandemic. EnviroClean Pro Services provides a socially distant COVID-19 sanitization process that can lower the risk to your community. Everyone knows that this virus poses a significant threat to individuals, families, and businesses. EnviroClean has dedicated itself to doing everything possible to help you lower the risk of infection. That way, you can stay open safely and make people feel more comfortable.

Electrostatic disinfection provides a solution for offices and commercial spaces. From influenza to COVID and other pathogens, our team stands ready and capable to help prevent contagions in your place of business, helping you bolster your brand positioning and building trust with employees and customers alike.